Stationery is available online at or can be purchased from an Officemax store.  Stationery lists are also available at the school office. Some stationery items may be purchased from the school at very competitive prices and the added convenience of not having to go into town to purchase these items. When a child requires a replacement item the classroom teacher will send a note home detailing the items required and the cost. In some cases stationery items will be issued to the student then payment requested from parents.


Children in the rooms 8 & 9 also require a Dragon Maths books which is not available through Officemax.  A notice will be sent home regarding this book and will be issued to your child once the fee has been paid.



School Fees & Donations


School Donation

$75.00   1 child

$115.00   2 children

$145.00   3 or more children


Parents will also be asked to contribute towards the cost of trips, sports and cultural events, and performances by visiting performers. Fundraising activities are held to subsidise some activities.


Year 7 and 8 Technology Fees
All Year 7 and 8 students will be attending the Technology Centre in Tauranga for 4 lessons per term. The students travel in to the Technology Centre by bus. The annual fee for these lessons is $120 per student or $30 per term. This fee is a compulsory fee for all Year 7 and 8 students.

Year 2-8 Mathletics Subscription
OPS has signed up again this year to the mathletics programme. This programme helped our students to continue to make significant gains in Maths last year. The cost per pupil to join through a school is $22 as opposed to the normal family subscription of $100 per year. The school will pay $6 and we ask parents to pay $16 (that’s $4 per term). Once signed up your child has access to Mathletics at school and at home. The Mathletics programme is used by Rooms 3-9 at school and is a compulsory payment.

All fees can be paid via our School Shop


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